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Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

[ Frisch am Freitag ] Woche #4 2017

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"Great Mouse Detective - Basil of Baker Street" von Eve Titus

Auf dieser Kinderbuchreihe aus den späten 50ern und 60ern beruht der Disney-Film "Basil - Der große Mäusedetektiv". Das wusste ich bis vor ein paar Tagen gar nicht! Und weil ich als Kind den Film geliebt habe und er auch der Beginn meiner großen Liebe für Sherlock Holmes war, muss ich die Bücher unbedingt lesen! Zur Zeit gibt es die Bücher nicht auf deutsch; Ravensburger hat sie in den 90ern übersetzt, man könnte sie also vielleicht noch auf dem Flohmarkt finden.

"Basil—the famous sleuth of mousedom—lives in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes’s house. A devoted admirer of the great detective, he has learned his craft by listening at the feet of Holmes himself. But will it be enough to help Basil solve his most baffling mystery yet?

The Mystery of the Missing Twins is one of the strangest cases in Basil’s career. With only a few crumbs of clues with which to find answers, how is he ever going to figure out where Angela and Agatha are being kept—and, of course, who mouse-napped them! Will Basil’s mouse sleuthing skills be up to the task of finding the twins before it’s too late?"

"Great Mouse Detective - Basil and the Cave of Cats" von Eve Titus

"Basil the mouse detective sets off on a journey to solve one of the greatest mysteries of mousedom: Do miniature cats exist? Leading mouse scientists aren’t certain, but they believe that answers can be found in India.

As Basil sets sail for the Far East—and the lost island of Kataarh—danger stalks him at every turn. Will Basil successfully unravel the mystery of these mini-cats and their mouse king?"

"Great Mouse Detective - Basil in Mexico" von Eve Titus

"Basil—the famous sleuth of mousedom—has learned a great deal living in Sherlock Holmes’s cellar. Now, his sleuthing skills are being put to the test on a wild trip to Mexico! First, mousedom becomes frantic as mice are cracking their teeth on phony cheese made of concrete. Can he find a way to stop whoever is making the counterfeit cheese? Then, he must ferret out the truth when a beloved masterpiece—the Mousa Lisa—goes missing. And finally, Basil must track down the culprit when Dr. Dawson, Basil’s faithful friend and companion, is mousenapped! In each of these daring adventures, Basil proves himself to be a true disciple of his hero, Sherlock Holmes!"

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